Chapter 1

August 26 (Saturday)

[12:00 pm] …Feeling refreshed, and checking the time, apparently I overslept. Yawning once and moving the blanket aside I noticed that here was a small transparent box in the corner of my eye. Focusing my mind on it.


The transparent box suddenly grew and there I saw some text saying:

‘Congratulations and happy 17th birthday.’

After reading that, the text suddenly changed and said:

‘All humans receive a gift from a higher being, commonly referred to as gods, on each of their birthdays, for your 17th birthday you have received the ability 《Status》, an ability that allows you to see your status in written form. If you are curious why you have never received a messenger like this, it is because the gift are normally given as something that won’t be noticed much, such as a height increase (which you have also received on your 12th birthday) and other things as well like an increase in luck (which you have received twice already, at your 14th and 15th birthdays). To use your ability 《Status》, all you have to do is focus your mind on the small transparent box that you will see in the corner of your eye.’

Feeling both excited and shocked while reading, what I decided was…

“I’m gonna eat lunch, take a bath, and sleep again. I’ll deal with checking this ability tomorrow. It’s Sunday tomorrow, and it’s a holiday on Monday so there won’t be classes anyway.”

After taking my bath, my parents told me that my cousins will be arriving to celebrate my birthday, so my plan of sleeping and having a quiet day for my birthday was splendidly destroyed and I had quite an exhausting day…


August 25 (Friday)

[11:30 pm] After failing a test in my PE subject in school, currently I’m having a video call with some of my old classmates, our topic being what were experiencing in our new classes. Today’s weather was great in the morning, but turned into a rainy day exactly after buying lunch with a classmate.

I hope tomorrow will be a good day.

The Beginning!~

Endings lead to Beginnings and Beginnings lead to Endings~

This post marks the beginning of something new! Specifically, the start of this site of mine~

Firstly, Yahallo to anyone who is actually here and reading this post~ XD
I, Ryouha Nura, am just a Lvl 16 Fish that likes to watch anime, read manga and light novels or web novels~ There are also chances that you have seen me from some sites I commented on~ Well formalities aside, let’s get to the point!

This site will just be my very own story book! I’m just gonna post the stories I made or will make here while I listen to some opinions on what I write from the readers (that I don’t even know if they exist)~

PS: Huge chance that the stories I make will not be that good since I’m just a beginner~ Also! 99.9% Chance of inconsistent updating of the stories since I just write when I want to (like this site’s purpose) escape reality to calm down or I am just really bored or when I have some inspiration~

PSS: I originally planned to post this on August, but meh…

Well, that’s all for this very first post!~